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Front line engineers and service teams work in all weather, under constant threat of knocks, bangs, spills, oil and grease. Mobile engineers need to view complex service diagrams, manuals, parts lists and job sheets on a device that can withstand the tough outdoor conditions.

these devices are unlikely to withstand the extreme conditions and, after a few months, have to be replaced. – See more at:
these devices are unlikely to withstand the extreme conditions and, after a few months, have to be replaced. – See more at:

Our tablets deliver an affordable, robust form factor, with industry-leading performance to support all software solutions. With full size high resolution screens for clarity, and enhanced battery life, data input is easy on the road.

Road-ready solution

    • Connected working: Regular connectivity is supported by caching to ensure data is captured and reported reliably, even if entered while offline

    • Increased automation: Workflow administration and essential contract data sharing are all handled automatically, helping boost organizational efficiency

    • Large touchscreen: Paperwork is reduced as customers can sign on touch screen to confirm receipt of service and parts, automatically updating the system

    • Faster service: Clients receive job and billing details much faster, leading to happy customers and, improved billing

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    4G/3G and WiFi mobile connectivity means engineers can send and receive up-to-date information whilst out in the field.

    Software caching can enable engineers to carry on working in areas of ‘no coverage’ - programs store updates and then transmit them when reception improves.

    Save parts lists, service diagrams, and customer account details locally on the 128GB solid-state drive and access vital information quickly and reliably when an engineer is at a customer site – even with no signal coverage.


    All our devices have heavy duty batteries, designed to support a 8-10 hour shift on site, as well as being plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter if extended shift working becomes necessary.

    The robust touchscreen on the Casebook can capture customer signatures on the road which will sync with teams based at the office, increasing productivity.


“Having my technical library, the ability to download kit, and a connection to the depot all in one place cuts down on trips back to the van when I’m halfway through a job. The best thing is that the device is light and portable enough to take right up to the job.”

Service Engineer - Marshall Fleet Solutions