Designed for health professionals

Front line health professionals work in all kinds of situations, with knocks, bangs, and spills omnipresent.
CASEPad deliver a number of affordable,waterproof, and highly portable rugged devices with enhanced impact resistance and an innovative touch screen allowing swivel between tablet and laptop modes.
Our healthcare range is coated with an antimicrobial surface treatment to resist bacteria and fungi.

With heavy-duty batteries our devices provide up to ten hours of use for long days outside the office.

Partnered with appropriate software providers, CASEPad offer mobile health workers the ability to access and display clinical information, update patient history, track information, update new data from consultations at headquarters, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.


Healthcare Devices

    • Mobile health workers need to view complex patient records, digital images and scans, treatment plans and appointment job sheets. Small screen PDA’s and smartphones cannot display these for easy reading.

    • Tablet devices with on screen touch keyboards fall far short when needing to enter lots of detail into patient records and other complex documents. Remote desktop applications become particularly challenging

    • Traditional ‘toughened’ laptops are simply too heavy and over-engineered for most health care requirements. CASEBOOK offers affordable rugged mobile computing at a fraction of the cost of ‘traditional’ toughened devices.

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Ready for healthcare environments

  • Mobile Information

    Access clinical information and patient records on our lightweight devices. With industry-leading performance to support all healthcare software solutions and full size high resolution screen for clarity, the Casebook offers enhanced battery life, and full Windows 8.1 Pro support with a robust form factor.

  • Healthcare Features

    The Casebook's antimicrobial surface on the keyboard, mouse and all other surfaces coming in contact with users’ hands – is resistant to the common spectrum of bacteria and fungi.

  • Inbuilt Security

    One of the greatest challenges for healthcare mobile working is protection and security of confidential patient information. RUGGEDPad devices offer integrated ‘Smart Card’ reader and encrypted hard drive options – offering the highest levels of security for ‘Information Governance’ and ‘Care Record Guarantee’ requirements.

Primary Care Trust

"Our community care workers are able to lookup case notes on the job, without having to leave the patient to search through paperwork. Having devices that are splash proof and rugged is invaluable, because they can be used right alongside patients in a range of care environments."