Local Authorities

Affordable rugged computing

Affordable rugged computers are essential for effective IT on the frontline in local authorities. CASEPad offer local councils rugged computing at a fraction of the cost of ‘traditional’ toughened devices. Tough enough but compact and highly portable – the Casepad tablet is a durable mobile solution to access back office IT systems whilst away from the office or depot, running full Windows 8.1 Pro. With water, dirt and impact protection, the Casepad is ideal for local authority workers and social housing requirements that require a highly portable solution, and access to administrative IT systems.

Mobile local authority services

    • Reduced travel time and costs by minimising trips back to office to access information

    • Raised operative productivity with improved visibility of work scheduling & progress

    • Increased customer service by speeding up response times and keeping tenants and council tax payers better informed

    • Improve business efficiency: reduce administration costs and overheads, improve vehicle utilisation, reducing capital spend and hire budgets

    • Enhanced employee satisfaction by reducing wasted journeys and improve safety by tracking lone workers

    • Effective resource management: review your office space and building requirements

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  • Improved Productivity

    Secure, rugged mobile working enables staff to spend more time performing their core roles with end clients and less on wasteful administrative tasks back in the office.

    Using this new mobility and flexibility, senior managers are also able to address strategic cashable savings by fundamentally re-appraising local authority organisational structures and major capital items such as buildings and estates stock.

London Borough Council

"Having immediate case information is invaluable in social housing. The Casebook solution means our staff have a rugged device they can take on the road, and can go straight on to jobs without coming back to the office."

IT Director, London Borough Council