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TETRATAB was proud to be one of the companies selected to exhibit products on the Vauxhall Special Vehicles stand, demonstrating some of the latest developments in in-vehicle mobile data

TETRAtab was proud to be one of the companies selected to exhibit products on the Vauxhall Special Vehicles stand at the National Association of Police Fleet Managers (NAPFM) Show last week. With three vehicles on display, we were able to demonstrate some of the latest developments in in-vehicle mobile data, as well as showcase our demountable vehicle installations for both the C Series and the new T Series.


Pride of place was our Vauxhall Insignia demonstration vehicle. This incorporates the comprehensive secure docking option for our C Series rugged tablet laptop. With our docking station fitted inside the Insignia glovebox, the TETRAtab computer can be locked away securely and discreetly, whilst still being easily removed for use away from the vehicle. The ‘single click’ dock not only provides power to the computer for charging, but also connects the computer through to the TETRAtab S Series 8″ Touch Screen, installed into the dashboard. The vehicle also included our TETRAtab AK Series Secondary Rugged Keyboard, so that users can enter information onto the computer without having to remove it from the glovebox. The docking connection provides a switching coax connection to the vehicle’s external antenna, thereby providing the most efficient 3G signal available.


In addition to the comprehensive dock, TETRAtab also offer a more simple docking option. This was displayed in a Vauxhall Astra with the C Series docking station mounted into the glovebox with charging only. With a simple to fit design, this requires minimal installation time and ensures that the tablet laptop is securely locked, out of site, constantly charged and ready to go.


For the first time, we were also displaying our TETRAtab T Series 7 inch Rugged Slate / Tablet running on full Windows 7 Pro and being IP41 rated. The demountable tablet was integrated into the dashboard of a second Vauxhall Insignia. This proof of concept development allowed for the T Series to be locked into place and used in situ, or unlocked and removed for use away from the vehicle. Envisioned for situations where high data out, low data in is a priority, we are now developing this installation further for commercial release in the near future.


The show was a resounding success for all involved on the Vauxhall stand, with a huge amount of interest from visitors and exhibitors alike. Feedback from visitors to the stand confirmed that TETRAtab products are changing the way people view mobile data.


If nothing else, on at least one occasion, we also got to show that our claims of product durability in harsh weather conditions are justified.