Casebook 3



  • Workforce Tablet

    The ultimate in rugged Android tablets, the Casetab is built to withstand mobile working making it ideal for engineers and utility workers
  • Affordable Solution

    The Casetab is a rugged tablet for the front line workforce, at a price point comparable with consumer tablets
  • Lightweight and portable

    Extremely lightweight, the Casetab is a slimline device, making it compact and ideal as the mobile worker tablet
  • Innovative Charging

    Charged via a micro-USB connection, the Casetab can also connect to and charge other mobile devices on the move
  • Flexible video capture

    Featuring high quality front and rear cameras, the Casetab captures decent quality images and clear video chats, enhanced by inbuilt LED lights (10")
  • Robust performance

    Resistant to drops, liquid spills and dust, the 7" Casetab is IP41 whilst the 10" is IP52 accredited


  • WIFI

    Uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections through Realtek 8105E-VC and extended range with optional roof mounted WiFi antenna
  • 3G / 4G

    Choice of fully integrated 4G/3G modems for approved connection with all network carriers

    Optional TETRA Data Modem – for TETRA network users - Full TETRA capability even when used ‘undocked’ away from the vehicle


  • Tablet or laptop with 4G capability

    The Casebook 3 is a 2 in1 pro is light and easily transportable and can be used as a full laptop or tablet. The laptop function allows report writing to be completed on the move making the information immediately accessible. The Casebook 3 has a bright and easily readable touch screen with a stylus or multi-touch finger input, ideal for note taking and capturing high-resolution photos.

  • Rugged and secure

    The Casebook 3 2 in1 is IP52 rated and protected against dust and water ingress by the spill-resistant design. A shock resistant structure ensures its reliability against any knocks or falls from desks or beds.

  • Lightweight

    Casebook 3 2 in1 is the perfect device for both young and old, it is lightweight and easily portable. It can be used as a tablet device with a stylus for games or used with the keyboard as a laptop for document writing.