• Vehicle Dockable for Mobile Office

    Wide range of affordable Casebook docking options to support all types of in-vehicle working
  • Hybrid Laptop Tablet Device

    High-definition resistive touch screen tablet easily changes back into traditional full keyboard for longer documents.
  • Designed for heavy use

    Rugged device that is drop-proof, dust resistant and completely waterproof.
  • Battery power as long as your day

    Heavy-duty 6 cells: 5200mAh battery gives enough power for nine hours of work.
  • Non reflective screen

    Perfect for mobile workers, the screen reduces the glare from sunlight to allow easy viewing outdoors.
  • 270 degree rotating onboard camera

    Allows front/side/back capture of video and photographs in both tablet or laptop mode without moving the computer


  • WIFI

    Uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections through Realtek 8105E-VC and extended range with optional roof mounted WiFi antenna
  • 3G / 4G

    Choice of fully integrated 4G/3G modems for approved connection with all network carriers

    Optional TETRA Data Modem – for TETRA network users - Full TETRA capability even when used ‘undocked’ away from the vehicle



    The high definition resistive touch screen in tablet mode offers a choice of on screen keyboard or stylus / handwriting input – but quickly changes back into traditional laptop style QWERTY keyboard input for longer documents.


    Heavy duty 6 cell battery is user swappable and gives ‘real world’ power for a 9 hour shift through its 5200mAh battery


    Casebook antimicrobial surface on keyboard, mouse and all other surfaces coming in contact with users’ hands – is resistant to the common spectrum of bacteria and fungi.


    Casebook can be securely and safely docked whilst on the move - ‘single click’ connects to power, dashboard touch screens, keyboards, printers, and external antenna. Compact design offers easy location for all fleet models – (i.e. saloon, estate, specialist or commercial) and all are compatible with standard ‘VESA’ fittings.