Casebook Safety and Security

  • Multiple locking points

    The dock locking system ensures the Casebook can be safely and securely docked within a vehicle.
  • Ergonomic rounded body

    The Casebook has been designed with rounded edges, no sharp points increases protection of user from all angles.
  • Drop, dirt and rain proof

    Treated with a super-hydrophobic coating, the Casebook can be used in the wettest environments without worry.

Watersafe technology

Liquid repellent

The Casebook is treated with a super-hydrophobic nano coating, protecting all internal electrical parts from accidental exposure to water and other liquids.
This is a specialized process that applies a liquid

repellent substance to electronic devices. Accidental spills, splashes and brief shallow submersion are no longer a threat to your Casebook devices.

Revolutionary drop-proof technology

Enhanced impact protection

    • Unique patented material combines advanced chemistry and engineering to produce high performing, shock absorbing polymers

    • Pioneering innovation gives new level of additional protection to the Casebook

    • Enhanced Comfort and Grip - impact resistant layers provide cushioning when using the device in front line conditions

The technology explained

Impact resistant materials are perhaps most widely recognised for the superior shock absorption offering ultimate impact protection using this unique patented technology.
Impact protection solutions are developed for markets where high impact energies are experienced. In everyday use,

the molecules in the material protection flow freely, but upon shock or impact they lock together – absorbing the impact force and spreading the shock evenly across the device surface – no matter how hard the impact. This means that the harder the impact, the greater the resistance to the force.



    With integrated 3G data and a built in TETRA modem, the Casebook Commander is able to access a wide range of network services. Hard drive hardware and software encryption and an integrated remote kill TPM module allows the device to remain secure should it be lost or stolen.


    Warranty solutions including accidental damage are available to manage the total cost of ownership giving the possibility of cost effective mobile data solutions to your wider team.


Build a custom configuration for a complete Casebook solution and download specification


The Casebook has been designed with rounded edges, no sharp points increases protection of user from all angles. The I/O port has an outer contour with enhanced protection from scratches and other damage affecting

motherboard. It’s anti-trip power cord with 2 part structure prevents accidental tripping or stretching and prevents damage to the cable port.

Smart card Sign In UPGRADE

The Casebook is upgradeable with an optional fully integrated smart card reader for additional ‘3rd factor’ security access control or mobile ‘card payment’ applications, that will read and write to both a 13.56 MHz

RFID contactless smartcard and virtually any contact smartcard. Its dual interface feature economically supports end-user environments where both contactless and contact smartcard technology may be in use.